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Here, we profile research studies in palliative care nursing that are recently published and that are relevant to the national landscape of palliative care nursing in Canada.


Caregiving at the margins: An ethnographic exploration of family caregivers experiences providing care for structurally vulnerable populations at the end-of-life


Through interviews and observations conducted in various locations including homes, shelters, transitional housing facilities, clinics, hospitals, palliative care units, community-based service centres and outdoor settings, nursing researcher Kelli Stajduhar (University of Victoria) and her team offer insight into the experiences of family caregivers in a context of structural vulnerability (e.g., homelessness, poverty, racism, criminalization of illicit drug use and mental health stigma). The findings of their study shed important light on a sometimes hidden aspect of healthcare practice, and the need to improve culturally relevant palliative care approaches.

Kelli Stajduhar, Melissa Giesbrecht, Ashley Mollison, Naheed Dosani, & Ryan McNeil, published April 27, 2020, Palliative Medicine, 34 (7), 946-953.

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