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2022 CPCNA Leadership Award

The CPCNA Leadership Award is to honour a member of the Canadian Palliative Care Nursing Association (CPCNA) whose practice reflects components of the mission and purpose of the CPCNA. The CPCNA Board of Directors is pleased to present Cheri Purpur from Springbrook, Alberta as the recipient of the CPCNA 2022 Leadership Award!


Cheri is a distinguished registered nurse and nurse manager who has made a significant impact in her region as a leader and advocate in hospice and palliative care. Her gentle guidance and a love of teaching, promoting education and subsequent empowerment of her colleagues, has helped nurses and primary care providers to deliver high-quality palliative care.


Cheri is recognized as a clinical expert and leader whose calm presence radiates to teams, colleagues, patients, families. She has held CNA certification for close to 20 years, providing palliative care in BC and Alberta.  Her skills in leadership have been recognized in both clinical and managerial roles, most recently as nurse manager with the Red Deer Hospice Society. Dedicated to ongoing education and excellent patient and family-centred care, Cheri led a project to ensure that all nursing staff at Red Deer Hospice were certified in palliative care.


Cheri’s talents in organizing, planning and problem-solving were key to her advocacy work. She worked collaboratively with local Home Palliative Care team members, Primary Care Network physicians, the hospital palliative care unit manager and other administrators with Alberta Health Care, in order to increase access to hospice and palliative care services.   These leadership skills were highlighted over a two-year period of construction when the Red Deer Hospice underwent renovations to increase bed numbers from ten to sixteen. During this chaotic time, her calm direction allowed the staff to practice to their full potential and offer the highest quality of care. One of her colleagues stated that she believed that “the high esteem held by the Red Deer Hospice in their community was in no small part due to the leadership and advocacy roles played by Cheri Purpur from the moment it opened until present day”. 


Beyond her leadership work at Red Deer Hospice, Cheri served on the Board of Directors for CNA Certified Palliative Hospice Palliative Nursing and the Board of the CHPCNG as the Director of Membership. In this role she always encouraged nurses to join the nursing group (now CPCNA), another example of the reach of her supportive and transformational leadership across Canada.


It is with gratitude that we offer the 2022 CPCNA Leadership Award to Cheri Purpur, who has helped many to live well, die well and nurse well. Thank you, Cheri, and congratulations.

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