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Lifetime Achievment Award Recipients
Honorary Lifetime Members

CPCNA recognizes  members of CPCNA who have made tremendous contributions to Hospice and Palliative Care awarding them the CPCNA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Recipients of this ​award are nurses who dedicated their careers to supporting and developing quality palliative care nursing practice in order to further support optimal palliative patient care. These individuals were integral in developing a network of nurses with a shared interest in advocating for and providing palliative care for all persons in Canada.

 Jeanne Weis RN, MN,LPN,CHPCN(C)
Awarded in 2024

Jeanne began her career as a Health Care Aide and has over 24 years experience as a professional nurse, holding specialization in palliative care. As a palliative nurse, Jeanne nursed in tertiary care, case management, community care, oncology, research, education, and leadership. Jeanne’s knowledge of governance was integral in launching the CPCNA where she served with the board until 2021. Jeanne has led significant nursing initiatives at a local, provincial, national, and international level that have contributed to supporting competent nursing practice, research, education, and regulation.

Despite her many achievements, Jeanne remains humble and steadfast in her commitment to advancing palliative care. We thank Jeanne for her dedication and wisdom.  She is truly an inspiration to all and well-deserved recipient of the CPCNA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Kath Murray
British Columbia
Awarded in 2023

Kath is a passionate nurse, educator, author, advocate, consultant, and internationally respected leader in promoting excellence in palliative care.  She was an active member of the CHPCA Nurse’s Group for many years, and served on the inaugural board for the CPCNA from 2020 to 2022.  She played an integral role in launching CPCNA, and continues to be an active member and volunteer. Kath began her career in 1988 at Victoria Hospice and early on developed a dedication to educating and supporting others.  After many year of facilitating workshops, she founded Life and Death Matters (LDM) in 2005. She has advocated in particular for Personal Support Workers, and over almost 20 years, has worked with colleges and universities across Canada to assist educators to develop curriculum and strengthen palliative care competencies.  In addition to working with Canadian health authorities and associations, her material has been adapted for Nepal, Mexico and in the US. She truly exemplifies the principles of CPCNA and has helped us all Live Well, Die Well and Nurse Well.

Julia 2.jpg

Julia Johnston
Awarded in 2022

Julia has been a nurse specialist, educator, researcher, advocate, leader, consultant and nurse practitioner who has contributed to the growth and development of Hospice and Palliative care capacity building and who was a pioneer for the development of hospice palliative care nursing and palliative nurse practitioners in Ontario and across Canada. She is an expert in programme development and built standards of practice in the field of palliative care that are used nationally and globally. Julia has been very actively involved in the development of a recognized hospice palliative care nursing association in Canada and was a driving force in the establishment of CPCNA becoming a standalone national nursing association. In addition she was actively involved in its incorporation, including writing bylaws, policies and all documents required for incorporation.

Laurie-Ann 2.PNG

Laurie Anne O'Brien RN

Newfoundland/ Labrador

Awarded in 2018 (CHPCNG)

Laurie Anne is well known as one of the passionate pioneers of hospice palliative care since the 1970s. In her palliative care practice of over 40 years she has worked in various roles as manager, consultant, clinician, educator, advisor and advocate. Laurie Ann is also a respected  and dedicated leader, colleague, mentor, teacher, trainer and volunteer. She has made significant contributions to hospice and palliative care nursing in each of these realms locally, provincially, and nationally.

Judy 2021.png

Judy Simpson RN

Nova Scotia

Awarded in 2016 (CHPCNG)

Judy Simpson’s nursing career spans more than forty years and consists of diverse roles, including staff nurse, educator, administrator, mentor, consultant and volunteer – most of which were devoted to the advancement of palliative care nursing in Canada. She has a strong background in interprofessional education, developing, leading and evaluating projects and has co-authored standards, competencies and practice guidelines. Judy’s accomplishments have been recognized through numerous honours and awards.

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