CPCNA Membership

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All persons who provide palliative care either as a part of their daily practice or as their primary practice are welcome to join CPCNA. While being a nursing association, we also recognize the value in collaboration and shared perspectives that can enhance personal and professional growth and development. 

Your membership is annual and your benefits are active January 1 to December 31.




You can sign up early starting November 15th. All existing or new members who sign up between November 15th and January 31st are entered into a draw for a FREE 2024 MEMBERSHIP!

We will draw FIVE 2024 memberships at the spring 2023 AGM.

  • You will need your nursing license number and CNA certification number (if applicable) to complete the application

  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. 




The types  of annual membership available are:

Full Nurse Membership ($100)- plus processing fees- total $103.30 ):

  • Open to all nurses

    • licensed practical nurses/registered practical nurses​ (LPN/RPN)

    • registered nurses (RN)

    • nurse practitioners (NP)

  • Provides access to select monthly CPCNA webinars for free

  • Provides access to 'Members Only' page

  • Allows for participation in and leadership on committees of the organization

  • Allows voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting and Special Meetings

Non-Practicing Nurse Membership ($50)- (plus processing fees- total $51.75):

  • Open to all retired nurses (LPN/RPN, RN, NP) who are retired/not active in practice for other reasons

  • Provides access to select monthly CPCNA webinars for free

  • Provides access to 'Members Only' page

  • Allows for participation in committees of the organization

  • Is a non-voting membership

Student Membership ($25)- (plus processing fees- total $26.25):

  • Open to students enrolled in the following entry-to-practice programs (not including master's level and doctorate level programs)

    • licensed practical nurses (LPN)

    • registered practical nurses (RPN)

    • registered nurses (RN)

  • Provides access to select monthly CPCNA webinars for free

  • Provides opportunities to participate on select committees

  • Is  a non-voting membership

Membership Types

Early Bird Special for 2023

Benefits of Membership

CPCNA members will:

  • ​keep current on palliative care in Canada

  • enjoy the members only areas of the website, including monthly articles and past webinars

  • register FREE for select CPCNA education webinars (typically $40 per webinar for non-members)

  • attend CPCNA events at a discount rate

  • participate in activities through the Palliative Care and Nursing Ethics Hub, Centre for Research on Health and Nursing

  • have a voice for advocacy, inclusion and equitable access toward excellence in palliative care

Benefits Beyond:

  • enjoy the rewards of professional growth and development as you network with palliative care nurses from across Canada;

  • strengthen the competence and confidence of all nurses to integrate a palliative approach and/or provide specialized palliative care through education and advocacy;

  • serve on committees to develop national palliative care standards and competencies;

  • get real - time support toward your certification and specialization;

  • contribute to research in the field of palliative care and palliative care nursing.

Join CPCNA and find your professional home and a place to grow and contribute.

Live well - Die well - Nurse well