About Us

Established in January 2021, the Canadian Palliative Care Nursing Association, (CPCNA) represents nurses from across Canada who integrate or specialize in providing palliative care for people with serious illness and for their families.  

To download a copy of the 2021 CPCNA Standards of Practice, click here.


Our purpose is to provide a national platform in which to promote public health by:

  1. Promoting equitable access for all Canadians to palliative care by strengthening  the          competence and confidence of nurses specialized in palliative care;


   2. Providing information to support public awareness and understanding of palliative care             and advance care planning; 

   3. Educating the public and allied health professional, community, and government groups         about the practice of palliative care nursing;


   4. Maintaining adherence to the Canadian Nurses Association (C.N.A) code of ethics and               the values of a palliative approach,  and educating the public, industry, and                                   government on the same;


   5. Defining, evaluating, and revising core clinical competencies for palliative care nurses;


   6. Developing a national standard of practice for palliative care nursing maintaining                        relevancy by reviewing and updating every five years;


   7.  Promoting palliative care education for all nurses and the integration of a palliative                     approach supporting eligibility for Canadian Nurses Association certification;


   8.  Supporting research in the field of palliative care.

For more information, contact us at cpcnainfo@gmail.com

Our Mission

Cultivating a community of nurses who care for people affected by serious and life limiting illness.

Inspiring knowledgeable and compassionate nursing practice.

Establishing the highest national standards of palliative and end of life care.  

abstract blue round- pexels-photo-370799
abstract blue round- pexels-photo-370799

Our Vision

Live well...

Die well...

Nurse well...