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Tips and Tricks for HPC CNA Exam Prep

Not sure where to start? 



             We are here to help!

We encourage you to join our community and connect with Hospice and Palliative Care professionals from all over Canada!

Helpful Resources

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The palliative pocket book is a trusted comprehensive resource with practical applications for clinical settings. Current, peer-reviewed resource provided by Pallium Canada.

  • Well organized

  • Easy to navigate during workplace hours

  • Identifies priority areas

  • Practice Problems

  • Decision making

  • Calculating doses


Would recommend using as primary resource that informs practice problems

Available in print, e-book or mobile app

palliative care text.jpg

The Oxford Textbook of Palliative Care Nursing

by Betty Rolling Ferrell (Editor), Judith A. Paice (Editor)

Most comprehensive resource on the art and science of palliative care nursing

  •  Seven sections, this new edition covers the gamut of principles of care: from the time of initial diagnosis of a serious illness to the end of a patient's life and beyond. 

Use as a reference in an area you are looking for comprehensive information on


Tools for Practice: protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice

The Learning Hub: gateway to free evidence - informed learning modules to support your practice. The modules help you build capacity and confidence in delivering palliative care and grief support.

  • self-directed and self-paced

  • practice tools and strategies

  • developed by leaders in palliative care and grief

  • certificates of completion


Practical, evidence-based programs help health professionals integrate an early approach to palliative care in their routine care for seriously ill patients.

  • Training information for health-care providers & specific Serious Illness Conversation COVID-19 resources

  • Guidelines cover physical symptoms and psychosocial and spiritual needs

  • Core competencies for generalists, enhanced care providers, and specialists

  • Information to help you select educational resources

Beyond literature
  • Use your daily practice as examples and case studies 

    • refer to the Pallium Palliative Pocketbook throughout the day​

    • review your experiences at night

    • focus on prioritized delivery of care for your patients and families

    • review stages of development related to care delivery

  • Reach out to your Hospice Palliative Care Community

  • Discuss cases with your colleagues 

  • Form a study group through CPCNA email:

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