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Dr. Betty Davies Webinar Recording

In ongoing celebration of Hospice and Palliative Care Week, as well as Nursing Week, we are pleased to be able to offer the recording of Dr. Davies webinar, titled "Creating a Milieu of Mattering". This was a thoughful and reflective presentain that reminded us why we do what we do. We highly recommend you take the time to listen. 

This will be open access for everyone until the end of May, and then  will move to the Members Only page. 

Also in the recording, at the beginning of the recording, is the presentation of our 2022 CPCNA Nursing Awards. Detail on the recipients is also below. 

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2022 CPCNA Leadership Award

The CPCNA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Cheri Purpur RN, CHPCN(C) from Alberta is the recipient of the CPCNA 2022 Leadership Award! Cheri is a distinguished registered nurse and nurse manager who has made a significant impact in her region as a reputable leader and advocate in hospice and palliative care. Her gentle guidance and a love of teaching, promotion of higher education and subsequent empowerment of her colleagues has helped nurses and primary care providers to deliver high-quality care to patients and families in hospice and palliative care. 

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CPCNA 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

The CPCNA Board of Directors is pleased to announce Julia Johnston RN-EC, BScN, MN, NP CHPCN(C) from Ontario as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award! Julia has been a nurse, educator, researcher, advocate, leader, consultant and nurse practitioner who has contributed to the growth and development of Hospice and Palliative care capacity building and who was a pioneer for the development of hospice palliative care nursing and palliative nurse practitioners in Ontario and across Canada.

What's Happening

May 18th: May webinar recording posted. 

May 5th: Our JUNE TOWN HALL has been announced. Town Halls give anyone, non-members and members, a chance to meet with their like-minded peers, be heard, share stories, discuss current events, and learn something new. This is an initiative we are truly grateful for and usually leave the participants laughing and smiling.

May 4th: Our May 3rd webinar with Betty Davies was truly a night to remember. Betty has been an inspiration to us all and this was reflected in the large attendance and mutual feeling of appreciation for all the work that Betty has contributed to HPC throughout her long career! Members will, of course, will have full access to the recording of this webinar for 90 days. 

April 12, 2022- CPCNA is pleased to share, that following our AGM, we now have an updated Board of Directors! We will be posting bios of each Director shortly. To see who is in these roles, visit our Board of Directors page.

March 11, 2022- Arthur Loik, RP spoke to us about Trauma-Informed Care on March 9th. For Members who missed this webinar, you can still view this fantastic presentation. Click here to be directed to the Past Webinar page. 

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