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Palliative Care in BC First Nations: past, present, and a future of culturally safer care

Presented by Nicole Wikjord, RN, MSN CHPCN (c)

Upcoming Webinar June 6, 2023
12:00 EST 

May 17th

Hospice and Palliative Care Week Recording Posted

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Hospice and Palliative Care Week FREE Talk with Dimitri Létourneau on May 11th 7 PM EST on Zoom. Making a difference in palliative care: Navigating through meaning in work, humanistic ideals, and professional identity. View Recording HERE

April 13th

Save the Date: QELCCC advocacy event on the Hill this May 11th , 2023

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Dear members of QELCCC, In honour of National Hospice Palliative Care Week (May 7 th -13th), the QELCCC is hosting an event on Parliament Hill to reflect on the state of palliative care in Canada following the Framework and Action Plan on Palliative Care. We invite members to join us for a panel discussion and breakfast on May 11th , 2023, from 8:00-9:30 am. Additional event details will follow in the official invite. View Letter Here


Reflective Guide for Nurses added to tools of practice

MAID is an option at end of life that has important implications for nursing practice. As such, it is important to prepare yourself. Our goal in this toolkit is to help you think about MAID in relation to your life and your nursing practice. View Here

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March 21st 

April CPCNA Webinar registration open

In this presentation Liz will explore the palliative 'philosophy' of care which is relational and person-centred and how it can be transferred into an educational context where the teacher becomes a ‘facilitator’ of learning and the approach is learner-centred rather than didactic. Liz will then share an example of an educational programme that applies the palliative philosophy or 'approach' with learners. Register Here

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March 19th

Webinar recording posted

You can now view Jamie Penner's presentation on family caregiving on the past webinars page!

March is Brain Health Awareness Month

March’s feature article is in recognition of Brain Health Awareness Month. This article reports on the needs of both home care and care home nurses as it pertains to providing quality palliative care to patients living with dementia. The findings can be applied to various care settings, as the authors have found similar results when conducting the same research in other care settings. Simply click on the link to access the full article. 

Toy Brain
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March 2nd

Webinar recording posted

Thank you for the excellent presentation that was both informative and organized! We will post this on our practice tools page for your reference.  View slide deck here. Thank you for your comprehensive presentation, we look forward to further important work with this. View past webinar recording here.

March 2nd

Annual Meeting Registration open

Please view the information for the AGM which is happening on April 18th 1800 EST. Register here

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